Designing with Laminam is simpler than ever before.


Laminam is the first and only manufacturer of ceramic slabs to be featured in the gallery of BimObject products. Architects, engineers and construction professionals worldwide can design any building by accessing the gallery of Laminam ceramic slabs.

With a few simple steps, you can choose from a range of finishes, sizes and thicknesses available in the catalogue. If choosing the colour and size seems as the simplest design step, determining how to install the slabs in the exterior cladding of a curtain wall or ventilated façade may require more time in order to study the details.

The Laminam gallery in BimObject now also offers you all the systems for installation in façades already tested and certified for each country. Thanks to the preconfigured building systems, users can reduce the time needed to complete the design by as much as 80%, with the certainty of optimally calculating the quantitiesmaterialsand accessories to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. 


There are seven systems for installation in façade available, including:

1 for curtain walls

6 for ventilated façades:

adhesive, cell system, clip system, kerf system, or rivet system, with undercut anchors


The Laminam gallery items in BimObject are accessible in eight languages and include:

  • - Technical guides
  • - References of buildings already completed with each system
  • - Instructions for installation
  • - Bim design Tutorial Video for each application
  • - Certifications available in individual countries
  • - Technical data sheets for each product


In nine months, already 15,000 BimObject registered members have accessed and downloaded Laminam products from every continent, with a truly global coverage.

Start your project with Laminam here: